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Madeira Island, Portugal

If you thought Costa Rica was amazing... wait until you visit Portugal!


  • Portugal's Madeira Islands, which sit between Morocco and Portugal, have been named the best island destination in the world every year since 2015.

  • The islands have also been named the best island destination in Europe seven times in the last eight years.

  • The Madeira Islands have stunning beaches, natural lava pools, and unique hiking trails along stone irrigation channels.

KcFit has partnered with Chasing ATLAS travel company to bring you the most memorable travel experience. Book now to be taken to their registration page for your KcFit Adventure to Costa Rica!

 This well-rounded vacation will leave you feeling fulfilled and rejuvenated.  Interested?  Want more information? Click the link below...

Questions?  Feel free to message me with any additional questions you may have! 

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