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Meet Keri

My Fitness Journey

I grew up in Buffalo, New York with my younger brother, Erik. We spent a lot of time doing a lot of different sports. From playing tackle football, gymnastics, diving, to tennis and ski racing… And lots in between. I think most would’ve considered me a tomboy, with a little bit of a girly side too. We were always busy (in the best way possible). My parents, both great athletes, didn’t know any differently. Just our “way of life”. 

At the age of 14, I went to a boarding school for ski racers in Vermont. Burke Mountain Academy. Burke was absolutely amazing! I definitely think that’s where my passion for working out began. We would have mandatory 630am runs, hikes, interval training, etc. In the afternoon, after school, we would have mandatory weight lifting, plyometrics, circuit training, etc. In the winter, we would ski half day and go to school half day. There were about 75 students, all there to be the best we could be and compete at the highest level possible. We would push each other, support each other and learn that taking ourselves outside of our comfort zone would benefit us greatly in the long run! 


After graduating from Burke, I did a post graduate year there for a year. I then attended university of Vermont and ski raced for them for 4 years. I was the captain of the team my senior year. We were national champs for 3 of the 4 years I raced for them. I was a 4 time all-American and an NCAA national champion. 

After graduating from UVM, I skied on the women’s professional ski tour for a year. Moved to Boulder Colorado to start working for Schwinn Bicycle Company. It was while I was working at Schwinn that I started helping people with their workouts. I also became certified to teach spinning classes. One of the girls I was helping convinced me  to start training people seriously. I did just that and moved to LA (the Mecca for personal trainers). Taught classes and trained in LA for 7 years. Trained in gyms, outside, on the Sony lot and in homes. So fun and learned a ton!



That was 17 years ago... now I reside in St. Louis where I continue my passion with helping others achieve their goals by personal training and teaching classes.

So... after almost 25 years of experience, I continue to do what I love. I feel grateful every day to help others while doing what I love to do most.



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